Who's meddling in the elections now? Really Doug!

Posted Jul 28th, 2018 in In the News

Who's meddling in the elections now? Really Doug!

The final day for nominations to the 2018 municipal elections has come and gone creating an interesting slate of potential candidates running for office in Welland. 

I was fairly certain last year already that I would run for Welland Council in Ward 2 this year, yet I struggled at the beginning of the year to make that decision -- only because of the time commitment while trying to run my business as well.  Ultimately as you can see I decided the time would be well worth it!  I have come to love the City of Welland, its people and all that happens in this community. So much new is happening here - more activity on the waterways, new development, new businesses opening and moving toward what is fast becoming a thriving hub in Niagara. 

I want to Make It Happen Today for a Better Welland Tomorrow. 

First, thank you to all those who have stepped up to run in the October 22nd Municipal election here in Welland. It is the dedication of your time and commitment to Welland that will truly make this City thrive! And while we all can't be voted in, your willingness to stand for election is testament to your dedication to this fine City and its people. I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you through the election campaign and as a Ward 2 Councillor going forward.  

Yesterday however, I couldn't believe what I was hearing when Premier Doug Ford decided to squash the regional chair elections in not only Toronto but Niagara as well. With the controversy around the hiring practices at the regional level and all that has transpired throughout the past almost 4 years, I truly believe having an elected official as the Niagara Regional Chairperson was the way to go. It appalls me to think that one man (Doug Ford) can dictate how our elections will run, with what appears to be no dialogue with the municipalities -- and to top it off at such a late date in the nomination process. It left many scrambling yesterday morning in making decisions on how to proceed. 

The four who had put their name forward: Alan Caslin, Damian Goulbourne, Dave Augustyn and John Beam had made decisions to move forward in this campaign, decisions that affect their livelihood as well as what they would bring to the table for Niagara as a whole. What now? - Ford quashed it, but it still needs to be accepted - what if it isn't? 

What happens to Dave Augustyn and Alan Caslin who because of Ford's announcement moved to running for Regional Council instead of Regional Chair? Can they move back to their original intent to run for Chair? Or will the chair race come down to the two remaining candidates of Damian Goulbourne and John Beam? There are so many unanswered questions. I find it hard to believe that one man (FORD) can just decide to do something this drastic in Canada. What happened to democracy? 

A shout out to Grant LaFleche and Karena Walter at the St. Catharines Standard for keeping us informed throughout the day yesterday and trying to get answers in this political rat race created by Doug Ford.

Who's meddling in the elections now? 

We've seen enough turmoil and scandal with all that is happening in the United States. We do not need this kind of mess in Ontario. 

In the provincial elections a few months ago it was evident the people wanted change and voted for that change in electing Doug Ford. They definitely have change.

For the people he says... 

Really Doug? - it's more like 'for Doug Ford', not for the people! 


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