Out and About in Welland

Posted Aug 12th, 2018 in Welland Events

Out and About in Welland

Summer -- so many activities and events happening in Welland, it's difficult to get to them all.

In the last few weeks, I've been out at various local events and one event in St. Catharines that showcases our talented Niagara musicians. I so love meeting people and attending these events, there's just too many to choose from. 

The Concerts on the Canal are always a favourite here in Welland, along with the Saturday Farmer's Market, I try to get out to these as often as possible. Below you will find a video from the Canoe Polo Opening Ceremonies that featured a parade of nations, The Associates and Honeymoon Suite, a photo from the Firefighters Annual Charity BBQ at Seasons Retirement Residence, images from the Niagara Music Awards Media Launch and photos and videos from the Open Arms Mission of Welland's Campusfest event yesterday. 


My major fun for the week -- taking part in Open Arms Mission of Welland's Campusfest (August 11th) at their farm location in Welland. Wow - so many people and great vendors. There was even a car show.  Myself and many of the other candidates running in the October 22nd municipal elections were invited out to sit in the dunk tank. What fun that was.. Thanks to my friends who came out to dunk me and help raise funds for Open Arms Mission. I think I had as much fun dunking Councillor Bonnie Fokkens as I did sitting in the tank and being dunked for that video, you'll have to find me on facebook to watch... The other municipal canadidates who were dunked included Bryan Green, John McNall, Bradley Ulch, Steve Soos, Jamie Lee, Holly Syer, Jim Larouche, Lucas Spinosa and David Clow.

Video by Andy Harris: Lev8.ca (That's him hitting the target to dunk me) 

Niagara Music Awards Media Launch

An awesome event, one could barely move at Monty's Gastropub in St. Catharines for the number of people in attendance at the Media Launch for the 11th Annual Niagara Music Awards. I was invited as media through my businesses (Prowl Communications and Connecting Niagara). Connecting Niagara is a community website and social media site(s) for keeping Niagara residents in the know about local happenings.  Anyway, I had the opportunity to meet some of the bands and musicians participating in this year's music awards. I'm sure you will see a few of them at Feast Street in September right here in Welland as that weekend kicks off Niagara Music Week. It was a pleasure catching up with Todd Brown - haven't seen him in awhile and Shane Neal as well. I worked with Shane in 2017 through our mutual involvement in Welland Floatfest. Interestingly enough, I knew one of the musicians - David Tyrell (Da Block). David was one of the contestants in the North Welland BIA Talent Showcase, the Canada 150 in Welland Committee organized last year, where participants competed for $5000 in prizes. Check out the photos below:  

Firefighters Annual Charity BBQ

A busy week out and about for me this week, with my first stop being the Firefighters Annual Charity BBQ on August 8th at Seasons Retirement Residence. Cory Cruised provided the entertainment while our local firefighters grilled up hotdogs and hamburgers for all to enjoy. It was a pleasure seeing so many out supporting the event. 

Firefighters Charity BBQ Welland

Canoe Polo Opening Ceremonies

What event this was with 26 countries represented - all right here in Welland. The video below is the parade of nations kicking off the ceremonies. The crowd was huge with standing room only throughout the evening. Entertainment from The Associates and Honeymoon Suite offered a great night out for Wellanders as well as learning more about Canoe Polo - a sport many had never heard of before the championships being held here this August. It was awesome having the world come to Welland. 

Debi Katsmar having fun with the Canada 150 selfie frame
Debi Katsmar trying curling at Rink 150 February 2017
Debi Katsmar speaking with guests at her Connectfest Niagara event 2016
Debi Katsmar and her love for everything owl

Thank You

Oct 23rd, 2018

Thank you!


Oct 13th, 2018

What you need to know about voting in the 2018 Municipal Elections in Welland #niagaravotes2018

Sunnyside Dairy Milk Wagon: Support for a Piece of Welland's History

Oct 6th, 2018

Sunnyside Dairy event at Seaway Mall with the Welland Historical Museum thanks to the efforts of Brad Ulch and others in the community.

Advance Voting Starts October 6th in Welland

Oct 2nd, 2018

Advance polls start October 6th, and the 9th through the 13th. Bring the children too - they can vote for their favourite Star Wars Character.

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