Advance Voting Starts October 6th in Welland

Posted Oct 2nd, 2018 in Vote Debi Katsmar, Welland Events

Don't leave voting to the last minute -- Vote at the Advance Polls & Get the Children Involved Too - they can vote for their favourite Star Wars character. 

Vote - it's your choice Welland

We all know election day is October 22nd, 2018, but guess what, we all have busy lives and one thing leads to another and OOPS! Didn't get to vote.. 

Oh well, you say "My vote doesn't matter". 

Your vote does matter! Make it count!

In chatting with people throughout Welland, I keep hearing: 

'We want a change - new faces on council.'

Guess what? - that will only happen if you get out and vote. In 2014, we had a pretty strong Mayoral race, yet only 35.8% of the population of Welland voted.. Kudos to those in Ward 2 with the highest voter turnout at 40.1%. Let's aim higher for 2018! 

Do your homework, talk to the candidates, look at the history of the incumbents, email or phone each of the candidates and ask questions. I don't know about the others, but I welcome your calls and emails. In the past few weeks, I have been busy helping a few residents with concerns they have in their neighbourhood or with their property - some its just a matter of answering a simple question. I'm loving it! It is very interesting learning the information I am tracking down, but more importantly, seeing the reaction of the various people when I get the answers... 

Sure as a candidate only, I am limited in what I can do, but I can certainly ensure these people feel their concerns are real and being investigated. I've always enjoyed helping people, and have the ability to take action and make things happen. Last night I received an email from someone I have been trying to track down to get a few answers about a concern in Ward 2. This email came in at 11 pm agreeing to meet with me - I was so excited! Now I can get more answers for a Welland resident.  

Anyway, I digress -- this article is about getting out early to the advance voting stations if there is any question at all whether you will be able to vote on October 22nd or not.  

Advance Voting Stations are:

October 6th from 10 am - 6pm at Welland Civic Square - 60 East Main St. 
October 9th through the 13th from 10 am - 6pm at Welland Civic Square - 60 East Main St. 

A variety of voting methods are available including touch screen, audio ballot and other assistive devices for your convenience. Bring your voter registration card and identification with your name and address. 

What a great idea this is -- the City of Welland is encouraging children to get involved as well. They are hosting a Vote for Your Favourite Star Wars Character for the children on each day for the children too. What a great way to encourage voting at an early age. You can read more about it here: There is even a meet and greet for the elected character on November 16th at Civic Square from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.  AWESOME! 

So, I encourage you to get out and vote early, and if you have any questions, please call me at 905-321-5097 or email anytime. I will be pleased to hear from you!

Making it Happen Today, For A Better Welland Tomorrow! 

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Advance Voting Starts October 6th in Welland

Oct 2nd, 2018

Advance polls start October 6th, and the 9th through the 13th. Bring the children too - they can vote for their favourite Star Wars Character.

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